We develop social science discipline

Political science
Public Administration
International Relations And Diplomacy


The Faculty of Social Sciences of the ISMT University is the largest interdisciplinary public education and research institution. Its own research institute, central humanistic library and publishing label, it develops a range of social science disciplines, the intersection of which represents the optimal synergy of modern social sciences.

It is specific for its range of diversified Bologna study programs that are open towards one another and based on the intersection of knowledge and skills from all of the main social science disciplines. This intersection has been upgraded with substantive, methodological, IT and program-specific competences, rounded off by a large share of elective subjects. Organised practical work is aimed to equip students of all levels with the broad and thorough professional experience necessary for entering the labour market.

Another Faculty advantage is its strong encouragement of the students to study abroad and its facilitation thereof. it develops free-thinking, critical, creative, communicative and daring young intellectuals, whose work is an important contribution to Africa society, while their knowledge enriches the universal nature of humanity, simultaneously retaining various value systems and cultural identities.