We are University ISMT!

ISMT is a private university in Republic of benin West Africa .The university is established to accomplish its objectives by embracing rigorous academic inquiry, flexibility, adaptability, innovation, community involvement and faculty and staff team work with a constant awareness that focus on students is vital to our department’s success,to establish for faculty, staff and students high standards in teaching, learning, language competence, research and publication, community and university service, and citizenship in a complex world.


Our Mission

To foster qualities that are prerequisite for personal fulfillment, career success, and responsible citizenship in a culturally diverse, rapidly changing and increasingly global society.


Our Vision

To develop a holistic educational approach which integrates various areas of knowledge and to establish viable working relationships with related University departments and programs.


Our Offer


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we are highly recognized in Nigeria under the Ministry of Education and National University Commission (NUC).

Yes we do accept transfer student with A’level or diploma into the courses we offer in the institution.

Get your form online or in any of our recognized agency, rather pick the form from the table of the admission officers of the school , fill all information required and submit all necessary documents alongside.

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